ES-CA Watchdogs

Be a Watchdog!


Who We Are: We are volunteers from the community acting as the eyes and ears of ES-CA to keep members informed about local, county and state activity that might impact us.

What We Do: We periodically attend local, county and state meetings, review agenda’s, read newspapers, review websites, network, meet government officials.

By identifying ourselves and becoming recognized, ES-CA Watchdogs put officials “on notice” that we are represented and organized, and must be involved.

As volunteers, Watchdogs are encouraged to attend local, county or state meetings 1,2, 3-4 times a year based on availability.

Reporting: Watchdogs are asked to submit a timely e-mail report of pertinent information gathered from their activities.
Watchdogs also recommend follow-up, strategies, and provide guidance including names and contact information of those ES-CA should pursue.