Who We Are:

We are your neighbors and fellow property owners who have joined together to protect our environment, quality of life, and property values.

We live in an unincorporated part of a very large county where we have no local, city, or town government structure to support us or advocate for our needs.  We must do that ourselves; but facing county, state, and federal issues as a lone property owner is a formidable task. By working as a group, the Eastern Sandoval Citizens Association can address these issue much more effectively than a lone property owner can.

What We Do:

Through our Board of Directors, committees, and member involvement, we attend city, county, and state meetings. At these meetings we monitor any proposed legislation as well as activities and actions of taxing authorities that may impact Placitas or its residents. We regularly meet with elected officials, so that we may make sure our voices are heard. We make sure they know whether we support, or oppose legislation and other issues that effect our quality of life, our environment, and our property values.

How We Do It:

ES-CA is a 501(c)(4) organization operating with an all volunteer Board of Directors, committee members, and citizen involvement.  There is no paid staff.  We hold regular meetings which all members are encouraged to attend. We keep our members informed by reporting back to them via email and community meetings. We do not advocate without member support. Our members are our organization.

You Can Help:

Please join us. We need community support. We want you to add your voice and talent to keep us effective as an organization that provides timely, important information and action on behalf of everyone living in Eastern Sandoval County.  Member dues are $50.00 per year.  All funds are used to support our activities, provide insurance, obtain professional advice when necessary, and communicate with members.

If you have membership questions please send email to membership.