Vulcan Mining Settlement Approved

On August 10, 2017, the Sandoval County Commission voted unanimously to approve the attached settlement ( Settlement__08-10-17 ) with Vulcan, the current mining operator, and Mt Adams, the property owner. The agreement includes phasing of the reclamation with the area south of the Arroyo (see the Settlement Exhibit B—Areas 1 and 2) being completed and reclaimed within 6 years and mining in the final Areas 3 and 4 being completed within 9 years and all reclamation finished 9 months later. The Effective Date of this settlement is the date it was approved by the Commission (so timing is to be measured from that date).

The ES-CA Land Protection Trust will continue to monitor progress, and will work to set up ongoing lines of communication with Vulcan and Mt Adams to ensure adherence to the agreement as well as to look for appropriate solutions to issues that arise during the remaining operations.  A “first order of business” will be to work with concerned members of the Sundance HOA who want to discuss mining plans along the planned buffer area adjoining their properties and may want adjustments to the protective berm on that buffer.  LPT Board Member and Sundance resident, Diane Pellechio, will chair that activity for the HOA.

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