Sandoval County Oil and Gas Drilling Ordinance

It is extremely important that folks attend the P&Z and Cty. Comm. meetings, that they speak in opposition of fracking our land and in support of community “partners” ie. The Pueblos, Indian Health Services, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, the Sierra Club, 350 and other EXPERTS who would be able to contribute writing QUALITY oil and gas ordinances.  There are 3 things that need hammered home from EVERYONE who speaks — 1) millions of gallons of water are needed to frack 1 well, these gallons cannot ever be used again due to fracking fluid contamination 2) P&Z and Cty. Comm. staff cannot be trusted to give accurate, complete or pertinent professional advice to commissioners and 3) This issue is like no other and all proponents of fracking do not in anyway have the health, safety and well being of our community in mind.
Rarely are external costs considered for extractive industries and our commissioners are no exception.  Fracked gas transportation infrastructure and road maintenance is on the taxpayer.  All kinds of pollution results in staggering health costs to residents.  Often once externalities reach fever pitch, the oil and gas company declares bankruptcy leaving what can be cleaned up to the taxpayer.  Meanwhile seismic activity increases at a staggering rate.  Property values plummet.  The argument for economic growth and development pails, when short term profit goes out of state and taxpayers are left footing a very expensive bill to remedy.  “All of the above” is over.  In Sandoval County we have an opportunity to become the solar capital of NM USA.  We also have wind and we have a diverse workforce that can rise to a clean energy challenge.  Externalities for renewables we can live with and profit from.
There is no such thing as a pipeline that doesn’t leak.  Fracking wells, vertical, horizontal or a combination of both are essentially an in-ground deep pipeline.  If 1 well, exploratory or injected, leaks into our aquifer, the Albuquerque Basin, then our water source is over.  There is no cleanup.  Fracking is THE most important issue our community will experience in our life time.  We have an opportunity to protect our land, water and people for generations to come.  If we stay home, are silent or complacent, the beautiful community of Placitas will perish…
Pam Neas

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3 Responses to Sandoval County Oil and Gas Drilling Ordinance

  1. Francisco Lopez says:

    No fracking- not ever! Not in my beautiful New Mexico!

  2. Barbara Rockwell says:

    No fracking in Sandoval County. Has the Commission gone crazy? It’s absolutely insane to risk the drinking water of the Rio Grande Valley for such short term gain not to mention all the other negative impacts that fracking would bring like air and noise pollution.
    Who does the Commission represent – the gas & oil lobby or the citizens who elected them? If they succeed in forcing this on us, we must follow the money to uncover the corruption that must be motivating them to make this disastrous decision.
    Solar is our future. Look at what China is accomplishing and look at Elon Musk in Puerto Rico for energy leadership. These dinosaurs in Sandoval County need to be voted out and replaced with progressive thinkers.

  3. Martha Romero says:

    And not to mention the people that have died because of all the disasters they have caused.One death is to many.
    There will be an increase in traffic accidents, road damage, and injured workers, water contamination and ecological damage with
    elevated levels of toxic chemicals. Noise levels ,dust that causes cancer.
    Toxic chemicals will be found in the human body, and the combination of air and water contamination will make families physically ill.
    All because of money.
    Our Commissioners don’t have any idea what they’re getting into ,
    The gas and oil industry talk about all the good they will do for the communities
    but don’t talk about all the lawsuits that they have paid out to the people that are slowly dying because of fracking.
    The commissioners need to talk to other states like Texas , Oklahoma, Ohio and see what’s happening to them and what fracking is doing to their states then they will think twice about it .
    When the first earthquake hits new Mexico ,residents opposing this will tell the commissioners

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