2016 ES-CA Hospital Tax Survey Results

ES-CA sent a survey out to 283 recipients asking if they supported the 2016 Hospital Tax. ES-CA received 105 responses and 60 included comments. Results were that 89 or 87% do not support the tax and 13 or 13% do support (percentages rounded). Summarized comments, the hospital ballot question, and the property tax analysis are as follows:

HOSPITAL TAX COMMENTS IN FAVOR: Hospitals provide needed health services, jobs and tax revenue to the County, and that they support health care facilities that are nearby and convenient.

HOSPITAL TAX COMMENTS OPPOSED: The 2008 tax was to be for eight years only, and used for bricks and mortar to help reduce overcapacity of existing hospitals, and not for supplementing hospital operations costs. Both hospital groups are very profitable and can support themselves including further expansion of facilities and services. Some stated concerns were that the tax would not reduce cost of visits, that administrative salaries and bonuses were outrageous, that the tax question was not smaller, no plan to phase out the tax, and that the tax was not asked as two questions allowing some to support only UNM as a teaching hospital.

2016 HOSPITAL TAX QUESTION: For the purpose of supporting hospitals in Sandoval County, shall Sandoval County. New Mexico impose a tax levy of four and twenty-five hundredths (4.25) mills each year for eight (8) years, on each dollar of net taxable value of property in Sandoval County, to pay to contracting hospitals in accordance with health care facilities contracts?
2016 HOSPITAL TAX ANALYSIS: The single-year tax amount per $100,000 of full assessed (market) value is $33,333 x .00425, or $142 per year, so the 8-year tax would be at least 8 times that amount, or $1,133 (more, if property values rise). The 8-year figure for a house assessed at $300,000 would be at least $3,400.


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8 Responses to 2016 ES-CA Hospital Tax Survey Results

  1. Allan Taylor says:

    Why am I looking at signs(on HWY 165 at the entrance to the Merc) promoting the Hospital Tax and stating that TAXES WILL NOT INCREASE!

  2. Allan Taylor says:

    There is a statement on a placard at the entrance to the Merc on 165 that promotes the hospital tax and states that taxes will not be raised. Or did I not read the placard correctly?

  3. Bob G. says:

    The signs you describe would be accurate. The current hospital tax is 4.25 mil and will remain the same if the voters pass the hospital tax. If the voters reject the hospital tax, then property taxes will drop.

  4. Allan Taylor says:

    How much was our tax levy in 2008? Have we been paying the same levy rate as the new proposed tax?

  5. Allan Taylor says:

    One more question and then I’m done.
    Who or how was it determined that “both hospitals are very profitable and can support themselves.” Is there data that supports that statement.
    We are not looking for an opportunity to continue paying these taxes. But we want to know that these facilities are really self supporting and do not, at this point, require any taxpayer money. We do not want to selfishly jeopardize our access to good medical care, if in fact that medical care needs our tax dollars.

    • Bob G. says:

      The comment you ask about was submitted, and similar, along with votes cast. However, I think you will find some of the opinions you are looking for on this Forum, and in newspapers such as the Rio Rancho Observer. ES-CA’s position is to share the survey, and to encourage you to do your own research and decide your vote based upon your own information.

  6. Allan Taylor says:


    Thanks for your patience and expertise.

    Allan Taylor

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